MedChem 2023

Medicinal Chemistry 2.0: Emerging Trends Enabling Drug Discovery of the Future

Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of SRC & KVCV

 Brussels, Belgium    December 8, 2023

MedChem History

This symposium has been gathering around 150 participants at each edition, half from universities, half from industry, both from Belgium and surrounding countries. It has been focussing on topics such as:

  • Medicinal Chemistry in Belgium: Innovation and Success Stories (2021)
  • Peptide Drug Discovery: a Niche Area? (2019)
  • New Avenues in Kinase Drug Discovery: a Bright Future? (2018)
  • The Many Pharmacotherapeutic Faces of Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides (2017)
  • PET & Imaging : From Chemistry Lab to Clinical Applications (2016)
  • Joint meeting with ACS-EFMC Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry (2015)
  • New Vistas in GPCR Research: the Dawn of an Exciting Drug Discovery Era? (2014)
  • Constrained Peptides and Macrocycles – New Opportunities for Drug Discovery (2013)
  • From Rapid Dissociation to Irreversible Inhibition – Optimisation of Drug-Target Residence Time (2012)
  • Emerging Targets and Treatments: Opportunities and Challenges for Drug Design (2011)
  • Joint meeting with EFMC-ISMC (2010)
  • Does Size Matter? Beyond Small Molecule Therapeutics: Challenges and Success Stories (2009)
  • Small Molecules, Antibodies and Natural Products: Multiple Faces of Medicinal Chemistry (2008)
  • New Drugs and Drug Candidates: Recent Achievements in Medicinal Chemistry (2007)
  • Personalized Medicine: New Opportunities for Drug Discovery (2006)
  • Targeting the Brain, Successes and Pitfalls (2005)
  • Lead Profiling: Myth or Reality? (2004)
  • Structure-Based Drug Design (2003)
  • Drug Hunting: New Targets, New Tools, New Drugs (2002)
  • Drug Discovery Strategies: From Leads to Drugs (2001)
  • Drug Discovery Strategies: Hit and Lead Finding (2000)
  • Chirality - Impact on Drug Design and Development (1999)
  • Metabolism - Impact on Drug design and Development (1998)